The new Vaasa 2013-2016 -platform

Ohjelma - Program

The new Vaasa of Social Democrats 2013-2016

The bonding of Vaasa and Vähäkyrö creates a new Vaasa with 65 000 inhabitants. As the engine of the area the goal is to build a city with new jobs and strong economy. And a area where the services and democracy works and where work and equity are the main points.

1. Bearing the responsibility of our children’s future


2. Sports make you healthier and more socialized

3. The challenge of health care and special health care and how to develop them


4. Valuable and good life for senior citizens


5. Proactive planning – efficient planning and construction


6. Traffic with higher quality


7. Investing


8. Transactions and influence of the residents has to be brought to a new era in Vaasa.